In Summer 2012 I had the privilege of accompanying my father on a long tour of the U.S.A. meeting many venerable Gandhian enthusiasists and several top notch academics who work  in the area of peace studies and conflict resolution. These are areas out of bound for me professionally. But these meetings triggered my interest in Gandhi.

I met Dr. Bernard La Fayatte(Jr.) at Emory University, Atlanta(Dr.Bernard Lafayette Wiki) and at a peace summit at the Univ. of Rhode Island, an associate of Dr.Martin Luther King. I met Dr. Gene Sharp (two times Nobel Peace Prize nominee) at Boston(Dr.Gene Sharp Wiki and Albert Einstein Institution). I also met Dr. Michael Nagler, Professor Emeritus at UC Berkley, the founder of Metta center for Non-violence (Metta Center) at his office in Petaluma. I met Dr.Dennis Dalton, Professor of Columbia University (Dr.Dennis Dalton Wiki) and author at SFO while he was on a one month teaching assignment & Nipun Mehta(Nipun Mehta) of Service Space at his residence at Santa Clara at a Wednesday meeting. I also visited the Gandhi Research Foundation at Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India which is the largest Gandhi memorial in the world and met Padma Shri Dr. Bhavarlal H. Jain (GRF Website) the philanthropist businessman who formed it. I also started volunteering at Karma Kitchen.

Through this humble venture, I wish to propagate the values of Nonviolence, Peace, Sustainability and to encourage the study of leaders like Gandhiji and Dr.Martin Luther King among the tech professionals of Silicon valley.


-Nandu Menon

Founder & Initiator



Dr.Michael Nagler inaugurates the Gandhi Initiative by lighting a traditional Kerala lamp

Dr.Michael Nagler inaugurates the Gandhi Initiative by lighting a traditional Kerala lamp.

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